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My Dirty Pleasure

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I got divorced a few years ago and it left me extremely jaded. I haven’t had any desire to meet women or go on dates. I’ve been spending my time alone and sulking most of the time. I’m still a man and I have needs though. When I would get horny I would just take matters into my own hands. After a while, I needed a little stimulation so I turned to the internet. I spent a few months watching your typical pre-recorded studio porn, and it did the trick, for a little while. It got boring quicker than I had anticipated. I was desperate for interaction but still had no desire to go out into the real world and meet anyone.

That’s when I discovered Cam BB. They have thousands of performers from all over the world just waiting for an audience. I decided to chat live with akinaluv and see what it was all about. Right away I was drawn to her upbeat personality, and it helped that she’s absolutely gorgeous. Webcams get me through all the lonely nights so I know I’m ready when I decide to date again instead of just lonely. 

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