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Colour Me Impressed

Filed under : Webcams

Never mind how impressed I am with just how brilliant live cam sites are these days, let’s leave that be for a moment, but I am so impressed with the maturity of the customers who visit these sites.

Yes, I realise what that sounds like and in some aspects it would be a stretch and perhaps even ridiculous but I’m addressing one specific point:

The cam site’s financial models have completely changed since it failed so miserably decades ago. These days, on the part of the consumer it relies on you to be mature enough to tip and support the performers. That is because everything is entirely free except for private shows and even those are at the discretion of the performers.

This means that you can watch any show and any performer you like for free. The idea is that you get the opportunity to first see if you like what you’re seeing before paying anything. So now, at this point it’s up to you to decide if you tip and even how much you tip or you can be immature and watch for free.

So even when they say live sex cam discounts, there is almost to entirely no financial obligation.

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